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Why, Who, What & Where

Think about the kinds of information you will need to research the history of performing rights organizations in the United States:

Why are these organizations significant?

  • Information about performing rights
  • Understanding of copyright, and royalties
  • Information identifying the particular organizations
  • Analyses of the organizations' work over time
  • Relationship of these organizations to musicians

Who creates this information?

  • the organizations themselves
  • musicians
  • historians/researchers

What does this information look like?

  • overviews & descriptions
  • histories
  • critical analyses

Where will you find this information?

Good Places to Start

Finding Scholarly Information

We can use these sources to find histories and critical analysis

Evaluating Authority

In evaluating information the concept of Authority refers to the author's credibility, i.e. why are they qualified to create this particular information.

To help evaluate this:

  •      Look for information about the author within the information itself
  •      Search the databases by Author to see examples of other writing
  •      See if the author is cited in other information you have found
  •      Google the author's name to see if you find a resume

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