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Troubleshooting Access to Online Resources: ReadCube

The first line of defense in trouble-shooting access to online resources is to clear your web browser cache, cookies, and history.

ReadCube Web Reader

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In July 2017, Wiley, Springer Nature, and SciELO adopted use of the browser-based, ReadCube Enhanced PDF Web Reader. Detailed information about the functionality of this browser-based application is available at the ReadCube website.  

The ReadCube Enhanced PDF Web Reader is compatible with most modern computer web browsers that support HTML5. Cookies and local storage are required. In order for the application to function properly, you will need to enable cookies on your browser.

ReadCube minimal supported web browser versions
Browser Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Safari Opera
Minimal Version v29 v17* v10 v6
(Mac OS only)

Troubleshooting ReadCube ePDF Web Reader


I can't get epdf's to view or download in Wiley, Springer, or SciELO.

1. Confirm that you are using the most recent version of your web browser
2. Confirm that you set your browser to accept cookies. 
3. Clear your cookies and browser history.

Why is the pdf blurry?

If you are using *Firefox, note the following known issue:

If the Firefox feature DirectWrite is disabled, computers running Windows or Linux operating systems will not recognize your graphics card. This impacts font rendering. As a result, patrons are advised to avoid using Firefox browsers with this disabled graphics state.

Can I disable ReadCube ePDF Web Reader?

Absolutely. Visit the designer's website and click the big, green toggle switch. Yes, it really is that easy.

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