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ENG 395: English Internship: Home

A research guide for students in Paige Mitchell's course in writing and collaborative learning.

Helpful Bits and Bobs

A hodgepodge, olio, miscellany, agglomeration, gumbo, hash, and mishmash!

Find Fogler Full Text through Google Scholar
How to set up Google Scholar so that it points to full-text materials subscribed through Fogler!

URSUS Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet
The bookmarklet allows you to quickly and easily access restricted journal articles and other electronic resources found when doing research outside of the University's collection. For example, if you find a link to a resource that is only available through a paid site, such as a restricted access ejournal, the proxy bookmarklet will reload the page through the University's proxy server and then return you back to your journal site as an authenticated user, assuming your campus library has access to that particular resource.

Interlibrary Loan
A service for obtaining printed materials not readily available.  Specifically, ILL obtains books not available through the URSUS and MaineCat request functions, articles not available through Fogler access/holdings, and other publications not readily available. First create an ILLiad account, and then submit requests using the appropriate form

Citation Help and Citation Managers

Citation Help
This Guide provides links to online help sites for several of the major (most common) citation styles. The guides from Purdue's OWL are especially recommended.  Typically, the discipline (field/major) will have a preferred style.  When in doubt, ask your professor!

Citation Managers
Managers (Zotero, Mendeley, EndNote, and so on) help you collect citations (and pdfs) while you are engaged in Library research.  Then, when you are writing, they integrate with your word processor to format your citations correctly and generate footnotes, or a bibliography or list of references.  Managers are especially useful for longer-term projects such as term papers, capstones, theses, and dissertations, as well as projected publications.

Comparison of Reference Management Software (Wikipedia)

Starting Points -- Some of the Basics

Library Research 101: Start Your Research
Articles and books, what they are and how to find them.  Choosing a topic, developing a research question, wring a  thesis statement.

Tutorials (Videos) -- "How to..."
We've created a number of video tutorials that address a number of the most-frequent library user needs. Here are a few of them:

There are lots more. For the full set of tutorials, go here: Tutorials

Library Subject Specialists
Find your librarian! Send them an email, give them a call, set up a meeting

Tutorials (Videos) -- "How to'''

We've created a number of video tutorials that address a number of the most-frequent library user needs.

Here are a few of them:

There are lots more. For the full set of tutorials, go here: Tutorials

Writing Guides, by Discipline

Writing a Literature Review, Purdue OWL

A Brief Guide to Writing  the History Paper, Harvard Writing Center
Writing in Art History, University of North Carolina

Social Sciences
A Brief Guide to Writing  the Psychology Paper, Harvard Writing Center
A Concise Guide to Writing Economics Term Papers, Whitman College

Sciences/Technical Fields
Writing Engineering Reports, Purdue OWL


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