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BUA 270: (Dr Jones) Market Research: Strategies & Resources

COVID-19 Impact on Marketing

Primary Market Research vs. Secondary Market Research

Primary Market Research vs. Secondary Market Research                  

Primary Market Research-directly collect data via surveys, interviews and focus groups. 

  • ​Pros-Results can be directly relevant to clients
  • Cons-Research is time-consuming, expensive and may be narrow in scope. 

Secondary Market Research-compile and analyze research from other sources such as trade journals, industry reports, scholarly journals, and primary research for a different client/field.

  • ​Pros-Broader research perspective & cheaper
  • Cons-Less focused research, potentially less relevant, market sector may be too large

Consumer Market Segments and Organization Buyer Segments

Consumer Market Segments vs. Organizational Buyer Markets      

Consumer Market Segments

  • Geographic, demographic, social (culture, religion, nationality, etc.)
  • Behavior-media uses, payment methods, loyalty status, etc.
  • Thoughts and feelings- attitudes, perceived risk, innovativenss, etc. 
  • Combined approaches-psychographic, person/situation, geodemographic.

Organizational Buyer Segments

  • Company size
  • Location
  • Purchase status
  • Industry 
  • Purchase quantity
  • Purchase Status
  • Attribute Importance


Industry/Market Research Report, Directory & Handbook

Wildlife Management

Understand this industry

Check how sales/marketing works in this industry

Market Segmentation

Get some marketing ideas:

Check the industry’s magazine National Pest Management Association’s PEST WORLD for marketing ideas (Search their site: marketing)

Ask Business Librarian

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Senta Sellers
Contact me at the Fogler Library, Reference Department.

To make an appointment email: or phone: 2075813610

Data Resources, Consumer Data Catalog-Searchable and provided by the US government includes sources from multiple government entities. 

Chicago Booth's Public Data sets-the information included is older and you will need to cite them if you use any data from these sources.

Statista- Subscription database that provides statistics about a large number of topics at a global and national level. 

2019 Consumer Expenditure Survey, Grocery Data from the Progressive Grocer - you will have to register to access the data






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