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Get an overview of rising cyber security issues


Cyber Security

Our personal and financial information is stored in numerous places online - shopping websites and merchants, credit card machines and databases, social networking sites, financial institutions, government data banks to name a few - and devices to access these sites are increasingly mobile and wireless.  Hackers trying to gain access to personal, government and financial information are constant threats, and cyber security measures that avoid data breaches are increasingly important.  Here are some resources to get you started with a general overview; narrower research topics could include data breaches in business and government, identity theft, cyber terrorism, cloud computing security, cryptography, malware, information assurance, hacked government information, cyber espionage, and enterprise risk management.

Some Places to Begin

Protect Yourself

US Government Sites of Interest


Statistic: Average annual costs caused by cyber crime in the United States as of August 2015, by industry sector (in million U.S. dollars) | Statista
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Statistic: Number of compromised data records in selected data breaches as of December 2016 (in millions) | Statista

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Statistic: Biggest cyber security problems facing the U.S. government according to adults in the United States as of January 2017 | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista Statistic: Average number of days to resolve a cyber attack on companies in the United States as of August 2015, by attack type | Statista
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University of Maine News

The University of Maine takes part in the annual Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. For more information, see the School of Computing and Information Science, or the NECCDC site and their Twitter feed @NECCDC2016.  Also, check out the UMaine Cyber Security Club.

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