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ANT 250: Conservation Anthropology

Resources and strategies for conservation group project proposals and presentations.

Welcome to the ANT 250 Course Guide!

For today's exercise, please click on Study: Land conservation good for New England economies

Where to Find News Coverage (Background Information and Stakeholders)

Where to Find Country Profiles and Statistics (Background Information on your Topic/Region)

Where to Find Multimedia Resources (Background Information and Stakeholders)

Where to Find Research Articles (Case Studies as Models for Your Conservation Method(s))

Where to Find Statistics and Infographics

For example:

Creative Ways to Navigate Google for Background Information

There are many ways to use Google to conduct more complex searches and focus your results. For example:

  • intitle: refers to any terms you want to ensure are in the title of the web page itself
  • Quotation marks around a phrase (like "climate change") hold those words together so that Google searches for that exact phrase
  • ~coast tells the search that you want terms related to the word right after the tilde (~); for coast, this might include terms like coastal, coastline, waterfront, shoreline, and seaside
  • A minus sign in front of a word tells the search to exclude terms related to that word
  • tells Google that you only want results from government websites; you can also use specific sites after site:, such as or
  • The date limiter can be found in the Tools section of your Google search (the Tools section is linked directly below and to the right of the search bar)

For your ANT 250 projects, you may want to search Google using to locate government information on your topics, such as climate change or ecotourism or waste management.

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