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BUA 645 Position Paper Research Guide: Home

Structure of the Position Paper

Structure of the position paper

An introduction

  • Identification of the issue
  • Statement of the position

The body

  • Background information
  • Supporting evidence or facts
  • A discussion of both sides of the issue

A conclusion

  • Suggested courses of action
  • Possible solution

See also, Position paper resource from Bowie State University

Research process infographic


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Selecting Industries

What industries or economic sectors/activities are most likely affected by Climate Change?

Some industries to consider: Wine industry, fishing, holiday resort, tourism, insurance, forestry, mining, livestock farming, energy and water.

Accordingly to IPCC, below is the list of the economic activities will be affected by climate change.

Economic Sectors with Climate Sensitive Markets/Demand

  • Energy
    • Demand for Space Heating and Air Conditioning
    • Demand in Agriculture
  • Space Heating/Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Construction
  • Transportation Infrastructure and Services

Economic Sectors Sensitive to Climate Change

  • Construction
  • Transportation Operations and Infrastructure
  • Energy Transportation and Transmission
  • Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Thermal Power Generation
  • Tourism and Recreation
  • Water Availability for Industries
  • Industries located on a coast

Economic Sectors depend on Climate Sensitive Resources

  • Agroindustry
    • Food Industry
    • Industry Dependent on Forestry
    • Textiles
  • Renewable Energy
  • Biomass

Source: IPCC, Chapter 10 Key Economic Sectors and Services

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