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FSN 265: Dietary Applications of Nutrition Principles: Citing in AMA

Citing in AMA

Here you'll find some additional resources for citing in AMA. 

If you have a questions about citing a particular source or formatting to AMA standards, don't hesitate to contact


Journal Abbreviations

AMA requires you to use abbreviated journal titles in your citations. You can search for the journal's abbreviation on the National Library of Medicine's website:

AMA Examples

Reference Format for an digital journal article:

Note that references should be numbered and in order of appearance.

AuthorLastname FirstInitialMiddleInitial. Title in sentence case. Abbreviated Journal Title in Title Case. Year;volume(Issue#):PP-PP. doi: ##

Actual Example:

Lai S, Molfino A, Testorio M, Perrotta AM, Currado A, Pintus G, Pietrucci D, Unida V, LaRocca R, Biocca S. Effect of low-protein diet and inulin on microbiota and clinical parameters in patients with chronic kidney disease. Nutrients. 2019; 11(12):3006. doi:10.3390/nu11123006

In-Text Citations:

As reported in Lewis et al, Fogler Library is one resource for citation help at UMaine.1-3,5

This in-text citation tells us that the information in this sentence can be found in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th citations in the reference list.

Additional Resources

For more examples visit OWL @ Purdue's AMA page:

Visit this site for a Sample Paper written in AMA style:

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