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Business: Citing Sources – APA Style: Citing Online Articles

Based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition, 2010

Citing Online Articles

Include the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) if one is provided. If no DOI is found, cite the homepage of the periodical (includes articles retrieved from online database (e.g., Business Premium Collection). If no DOI and no periodical homepage is found, include database information. 

Journal Article with a DOI Retrieved from Business Premium Collection

Marchel, K., & Garen, M. (2019).Why invest in private equity? A comparison of private equity and stock market returns . The Journal of Alternative Investments, 22(1), 2036. doi: 10.3905/jai.2019.1.074

Journal Article Retrieved from Business Premium Collection (no DOI)
Sharma, M. and Kausha, S. (2012). The S&P private equity index versus the private equity total return index: A volatility comparison. The Journal of Private Equity, 15(2)

Newspaper Article Retrieved from the New York Times Database (no DOI)
Clifford, S. (2009, June 16). Microsoft sues three in clickfraud scheme. The New York Times

Newspaper Article Signed Anonymous Retrieved from the Wall Street Journal Database (no DOI)
Anonymous. (2009, August 24). All clunkered out. Wall Street Journal


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