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Communicating Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism: Film Studies and Race

Nonfiction Films through Fogler Library

Find more documentaries and nonfiction series in Academic Video Online!

Additional Resources

Film Critiques

Indigenous People React To Indigenous Representation In Film And TV



Whitewashing and Asian Representation in Hollywood

Podcast Episodes


Identity Politics Podcast, Episode 43: Movie Trivia With Nijla Mu'min

"Nijla Baseema Mu’min is an award-winning writer and filmmaker from the East Bay Area. Her work is informed by poetry, photography, fiction, and dance. Named one of 25 New Faces of Independent Film by Filmmaker Magazine in 2017, she tells stories about black girls and women who find themselves between worlds and identities. Her debut feature film, Jinn, won the award for Best Screenplay at the 2018 American Black Film Festival and was acquired by Orion Classics."


Cinema Junkie Podcast 197: Black Films That Matter

"David F. Walker (writer of "Shaft" and "Luke Cage" comics, and graphic novels on Frederick Douglass and The Black Panther Party) picks some Black films that matter to provide context for today's protests."

Relevant Scholarship

Below are relevant databases for finding scholarly journal articles related to race or racism and film or cinema. Journal articles are written by experts in their fields. In many library databases you can click a "peer reviewed" or "scholarly article" box to produce a list of references to these types of articles.

Academic Search Complete Multi-disciplinary database of literature from many subject areas; can limit to peer reviewed articles. Example articles include:

  • Whiteness and the Postracial Imaginary in Disney's Zootopia
  • Anti-Racism and Anti-Colonialism in Canada: Identifying Key Components of Critical Pedagogy in Film
  • Representing ‘otherness’ in African popular media: Chinese characters in Ethiopian video-films

Communication & Mass Media Complete Literature in communication, journalism, and media studies; can limit to peer reviewed articles. Example articles include:

  • White Innocence and Black Subservience: The Rhetoric of White Heroism in The Help
  • Not Just a Joke: Tina Fey, Amy Schumer, and the Weak Reflexivity of White Feminist Comedy
  • "Afrotopia?": an Afrofuturist examination of Chad Hartigan's film Morris from America 

JSTOR Digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Example articles include:

  • Black and White on the Silver Screen: Views of Interracial Romance in French Films and Reviews since the 1980s
  • The Alien Within: Divergent Futures in Nnedi Okorafor's Lagoon and Neill Blomkamp's District 9
  • From Yorùbá to YouTube: Studying Nollywood's Star System
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