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Hot Topics: Health Insurance: Extending Your Research

A research guide on the health insurance law


*Journal articles are written by scholars and researchers, who are experts in their fields.  They are excellent sources of credible scholarly information.  Most databases let you click a "peer reviewed" or "scholarly article" box to just produce scholarly articles.


*News articles are usually written by journalists at the time an event happens and give faculty information about the event, but little analysis.  

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Search Tips

Check the 'source type' boxes to limit publications to a particular kind such as scholarly journal or newspaper (you may need to be in the 'advanced' search screen to see these options).

Search terms can include "Obamacare", "Affordable Care Act", "health insurance", "health insurance exchanges", "insurance policies", "Medicare", and "Medicaid".  You may need to add "United States" to focus on US health care issues.

Once you find an article you like, look at the subject terms to find similar articles and other search term options.

Most databases will let you re-sort your results by 'newest first' to get the most recent articles, or by 'relevance' to get the articles that best matched your search terms.


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