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WGS 101 (Schroeder): Introduction to Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies: Home

Information Needs

You need to complete a project related to a course topic, using information from scholarly and/or other reputable sources.

You will need:

  1. To break down your research topic into basic concepts
  2. To understand what information formats are likely to have what you need
  3. To know when to search the open Web and when to search in Library resources

Finding Books

Finding Scholarly Articles

Journal articles are a way for scholars to publish their research in a fairly short format.  Those journals that have a peer review process, where other experts have reviewed and verified the article, are generally preferable to use.

Fogler Library subscribes to thousands of journals, and the best way to search for, and access, articles on your topic is to use appropriate databases.

Here are some suggested databases where you can find journal articles; there are other possible databases that I can recommend, as well, depending on your topic:

While not a database (no people actually make choices about what is included) Google Scholar does allow interdisciplinary discovery of information sources.  Follow the directions to get the most full text access.

Other Information Sources

Other kinds of databases:

You may also want to search for sources on the open web (Google).  When searching, think carefully about the kinds of sources you want to find.  Use the "site" command to limit your searches to non-profits sites ( or sites at colleges and universities (

Example from Statista

Infographic: America's Stance on Equal Pay for Athletes | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

How To's


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