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WGS 280: Intersectionality & Social Movements

Finding Book Reviews

One place to find book reviews is simply to use Google:

You can also search in library databases. Try this general database:

Once open, click on Advanced Search:

Scroll down a bit to find the Document Type box and choose Book Review:

Then scroll back up and hit Search.

Finding Books

Finding Scholarly Articles

Fogler Library subscribes to thousands of journals, and the best way to search for, and access, scholarly journal articles on your topic is to use appropriate library databases. Here are some suggested library databases where you can find journal articles:

While not a database (no people actually make choices about what is included) Google Scholar does allow interdisciplinary discovery of information sources.  Follow the directions described below to get the most full text access.

Finding News & Other Current Info

You may also want to search for sources on the open web (Google), especially to find the websites of current activist organizations.  When searching, think carefully about the kinds of sources you want to find.  Use the "site" command to limit your searches to non-profits sites ( or sites at colleges and universities (

How To's

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