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Hot Topics: Artificial Intelligence

This guide discusses AI as a technology and it's impact on society.

Why the Interest?

Artificial Intelligence is a quickly changing field that is taking on more and more importance in everyday life. Businesses and governments use AI to make decisions about the financial markets, healthcare, and more. In recent months, AI chat applications like Chat GPT and text-to-image generators like DALL-E have made huge leaps forward and have put a much bigger spotlight on AI and it's powers, limitations, perks, and dangers. 

This guide provides links to articles that discuss the many different ways that AI is impacting society.

More about AI at UMaine

Try Generative AI Yourself

AI and Copyright

Notes - These items attempt to lay out the general landscape of how Copyright laws work in relation to AI. However, the issue of generative AI and Copyright is changing quickly. There have been multiple court cases and decisions just in the first months of 2023. For up to date information, check out the links in the AI in the News box, above.

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