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Business: Citing Sources – APA Style: Citing Company Information

Based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition, 2010

APA 7th Edition

Citing Company Information

10K Annual Report from EDGAR at the Securities & Exchange Commission Website
Wright Express Corporation. (2009, February 27). Form 10-K. EDGAR. United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Value Line Industry Analysis from Value Line Research Center
Ferro, M. (2020, Feburary 7). Automotive Industry. Value Line Research Center. 

Company’s Annual Report from Company Website
Boeing. (2018). Boeing: 2018 annual report. Boeing.

Target Corporation. (2018). 2018 Annual Report.

In-Text Citations

With page number: (Target Corporation, 2018, p. 42)

Without page number: (Target Corporation, 2018)

More examples of in-text citations are at this page from Concordia University.


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