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CHE 111: Introduction to Chemical Engineering I

How to Search: the process

To search for information, there are two important things to do before you start:

  1. determine what academic disciplines are likely to cover the information you need
  2. determine possible keywords you can use for your search

Here's an example:

  • Topic - Desalinization
  • Academic Disciplines - Engineering, Chemistry
  • Possible Keywords - potable water, membranes, water treatment, reverse osmosis, ion extractors

Where to Search for Research Articles

Choose tools that cover the academic areas you have identified, to search for journal articles. (Tip: Ask a librarian if you are not sure which databases to use!)

How to Cite Your Sources

Citing the sources we use to provide information for our research is a vital and expected practice of all researchers, including all engineers.

There are many different types of citation formats, such MLA, APA, and CSE.

Some of the databases provide ways to get a pre-formatted citation, but some do not.  If you cannot find a pre-formatted citation, here are some guides to help you put the information into the correct format:

Whichever citation style you use, the important thing is to be consistent throughout your work.

Finding Full Text

Once you have an article or citation, the tools below can help you get to the full text of an article.

Other Guides of Interest

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