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Finding Funding Challenge

Welcome to Day 4 of the Finding Funding Challenge!

Today, we look at the essential grant writing output: the concept paper. This is a brief, persuasive document that you can provide a program officer when approaching a funder for support. The concept paper provides insight into the project you are pursuing, helps the program officer determine possible fit with their agency/organization, and is the program officer's first look at your proposal. 

Building off yesterday's self inventory, it's time to further flesh out your idea with a specific funder in mind!

Your Challenge: Use this Template to Begin Writing your Concept Paper. Click on File, and Make a Copy (or Download), to create your own template from the link above. The more information you can provide a program officer or contact person, the better the advice you will receive in developing your application!

BONUS (Optional) Challenge: Contact a Program Officer!

Program officers are the people who coordinate and manage funding opportunities within their agency or organization. These are key people to know because they can answer questions you have about the potential fit of your work with their mission and goals.

1. First, watch the two short videos below about how to contact a program officer. 

Grantseeking Basics: Who are Program Officers and How Do I Work with Them?

How To Have Conversations with Foundation Program Officers

2. Next, send a program officer an email with your concept paper attached. Here's an email template you can use (the template also includes key questions to ask when/if you do set up a meeting with the program officer).

Way to go! You've completed Day 4 of the Finding Funding Challenge!

Tomorrow, join us for the grand finale. We'll spend time making our grant applications stand apart from the rest, with key tips and tricks.

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