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Hot Topics: Health Equity and Health Disparity

Articles—Journals or News?

  • Journal articles are written by scholars and researchers, who are experts in their fields. They are excellent sources of credible scholarly information. In many library databases you can click a "peer reviewed" or "scholarly article" box to produce a list of references to scholarly articles.
  • News articles are usually written by journalists at the time an event happens. They provide factual information, quotes, and anecdotes, but usually not much analysis.  



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American rural women had their first sexual intercourse earlier than urban women

Bar chart. Mean age of women at first sexual intercourse was 17.4 in urban areas, 16.6 in rural areas. Statistically significant difference.

Urban and Rural Variation in Fertility-related Behavior Among U.S. Women, 2011–2015

More deaths by suicide in Canadian areas with high concentrations of First Nations, Inuit, or Métis peoples

Bar chart of age-standardized death rates. First Nations/Inuit/Metis areas: 42.6 both sexes, 62 male, 23.3 female. Other areas: 11 both sexes, 17.3 male, 5.2 female

Pan - Canadian Health Inequalities Data Tool
Chart isolated from parent graphic & some text centered by Nancy R. Curtis.

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