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Microforms: FAQs

Information about microforms: microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, and other formats held at Fogler and how to use.


What are microforms?

Microforms comprise several formats of compact storage of information on a plastic film.  You need a special machine to be able to read the information.  Don't worry we have the machines available for reading, printing, and saving to digital formats.

Does it cost anything?

There is no charge for reading, printing, or saving to a digital format.  If you save to a digital format you will need either a usb cable to connect to your computer or other device or a usb storage drive.

What do I do with the material once I am done using the resource?

Please place your items on the return cart located in the Microfilm Room once you are done with them.  Staff will re-file the material for next time.

What if I have a question or there is a problem with the equipment?

In the microfilm room where the equipment is located there is a button to press for assistance.  Press the button and a staff member will appear shortly to assist you or answer your question.  You can also ask at the Circulation/Reserve Desk adjacent to the microfilm room.

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