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Friend, Enemy, or Frenemy? The News Literacy Challenge

Welcome to Day 1 of the News Literacy Challenge!
The news serves many functions as a source of information and influence. Watch the video below to learn more.

Your Challenge: Find a News Story, Share the Functions That it Serves, and Include Why You Think It's Newsworthy. 

1. Find a news story that piques your interest, and include a link to the story in the Discussion Board below. This news story can come from an actual newspaper, the nightly television news, the radio, or an online news site. No link to the story exists? No problem! Take and share a picture of the print article or TV spot in the Discussion Board below.

2. Share the function(s) that the story serves. Does it inform us about our daily life? Does it report on one or more topical trends? Does it socialize us in some way?  Do keep in mind: It is possible for a news story to serve more than one function. If you think the story serves a function outside the three described in the video above, please feel free to include that as well. 

3. Include why you think the story is (or is not) newsworthy.  

The discussion board is now closed (The News Literacy Challenge took place October 26-30, 2020). However, we encourage you to scroll through the responses and reflect on your own answers to the questions below!

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Well done diving into why news matters! Tomorrow, we'll discern fact from fiction in news headlines.

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