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NUR 415: Sociocultural Issues in Health and Health Care: APA 7th Edition Citation Help

Why Citation Matters

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APA Sample Title Page, plus Guidance on Paper Structure

~Sample Title Page~

formatting techniques for title page including paper title in bold and centered, author not in bold and centered, followed by department and institutional affiliation, course name, instructor name, and due date. page number at top right of page,

Image from APA 7th edition site

~Sample In-Text Citations~

APA 7th Edition Reference List Examples

Keep in mind: If you use a citation generator, like Citation Machine, Easy Bib, Zotero, or Paperpile, they create great first drafts, but their citations are not perfect. To confirm that you have a correct APA citation, compare your citations with the examples below, and/or go to APA directly, on their site.

~Let's Put It All Together With A Sample Student Paper~

Access the full text of this annotated student paper. Note: There's an example abbreviation in the sample paper. More about abbreviations can be found here.

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