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Government Publications

Guide to Government Publications at Fogler Library

Agricultural Experiment Station Publications

Agricultural Experiment Station (A.E.S.) publications, now approximately 32,000 items from all Stations in the United States comprise a collection maintained by the Library's Government Information Department.  The Department is also the archive for the Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station (MAFES) formerly the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station.
MAINE  -   A copy of every MAFES publication is available in the Government Publications Open Stack, first floor, Fogler Library.  Publications issued from 1970 to present can be searched in URSUS; pre-1970 may be searched in:  Smith, David C. An Annotated Bibliography of the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station (M.A.E.S. Bulletin 808)
ALL STATES  -  The AGRICOLA database can be used to search for citations of A.E.S. publications of other states (as well as Maine).  The A.E.S. publications of all other states are housed in the Library's closed stack area and may be requested through the Reference Desk.  Note: the Stations of many states have begun to offer their newest publications online.

For assistance with identifying Agricultural Experiment Station publications useful for your research contact the Reference Desk or the Government Information Department.

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