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Business: Industry Analysis

Federal Stats


Federal Statistics Agencies:

Over 100 agencies engaged in the production and dissemination of official federal statistics, expect for general statistics information listed below, search specific industry statistic agencies to find more data.

For example, more airline statistics are available from Bureau of Transportation Statisticsairline and airports statistics. has this searchable list of Federal Agencies to help you look for other Federal Agencies that may be helpful to you. 

US Census Bureau - U.S. Department of Commerce 

Economic Census of 2017   The Economic Census is conducted every five years collecting data for years ending in “2” and “7”. 

TIGER Web - U.S. Department of Commerce. TIGER stands for Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing. It provides informational maps of the United States. An introductory manual is at this link. You can also watch an introductory video on YouTube.

Bureau of Economic Analysis - U.S. Department of Commerce

Industry Economic Accounts It includes annual industry accounts (GDP by industry and annual input-output accounts), benchmark input-output Accounts; and US travel and tourism satellite accounts.

Bureau of Labor Statistics – U.S. Department of Labor

Industries by Supersector and NAICS Code An Index to the Industry Resources from Bureau of Labor Statistics. The list of industries is arranged in North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code order. It covers a number of topics including workforce Statistics, Earnings and Hours, Fatalities, Injuries, and Illnesses, Prices, Workplace Trends, etc.

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)leading nonprofit economic research organization.

Economic Indicators and Releases It provides links to the major economic indicator sources; updated on daily basis

Economic Research Service - US Department of Agriculture

Provides research about the economics of agriculture.


State Sources


Don't forget state agencies! Here are some agencies with business related information.

Center for Workforce Research and Information

Labor Statistics from the Maine Department of Labor

Maine Department of Economic & Community Development

Maine International Trade Center

Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation

Keep in mind that all other United States states and territories have websites as well, about their businesses and economies.  These could also have useful information for research.


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