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Business: Industry Analysis

Selected Data for Industry Structure Analysis

US Census Bureau

County Business Patterns  View the data in tables or download the data.

Statistics of U.S. Businesses Download the excel sheet tabulated by Enterprise Employment Size

Business Dynamics Statistics Finding Data: from the [Data] page, click [Firm Characteristics Data Tables] or [Establishment Characteristics Data Tables].

Exports from Manufacturing Finding Data: Download Excel sheet and browse by tables. Table 4 includes detailed data for states and industries.

Economic Census (US Census Bureau);, 2017 Economic Census; refine your search results by geography, year, NAICS code and more. (Learn more about using this resource by watching this Data.Census.Gov Training Video)

USA Trade Online (Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau) Provides specific U.S. export and import information on more than 18,000 commodities worldwide. 

Foreign Trade: State Trade Data (Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau).
Finding Data: follow the links to locate the data sets.

Economic Census: Concentration Ratios (US Census Bureau); All of these reports classify industries by the percent of output accounted for by the largest 4, 8, 20 and 50 companies. Only the manufacturing reports include the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index. 
Finding Data: follow the labels in the page to find PDF or data in American Factfinder or use another similar page.

Bureau of Economics Analysis

Gross-Domestic-Product-(GDP)-by-Industry Data 
Finding Data: download the XLSX sheet from the website

Input-Output Accounts Data 
Finding Data: download from the website

Federal Trade Commission

Annual Competition Reports 
Finding Data: check the exhibit statistics tables.

FTC Competition Enforcement DatabaseAnnual Antitrust Enforcement Activities Reports (1999-2008);
Finding Data: search cases by industry and competition topics.

Selected Data for Business Conduct Analysis


Business Expenditures (including advertising/promotion, Labor Cost and many more)

Retail Trade Industries

Monthly & Annual Retail Trade (US Census Bureau)

Whole Sale Industries

Annual Wholesale Trade (US Census Bureau) 

Service Industries

Annual & Quarterly Services (US Census Bureau)

Manufacturing Industries - search engine for the digital content of the US Census Bureau

Annual Survey of Manufactures (US Census Bureau) -  Includes ASM Tables, data and APIs.

Research and Development (R&D) Expenses

Business Research and Development and Innovation (National Science Foundation).
Finding Data: expand data tables and find the data on the list.

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