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SciFinder-n Database Guide

What is a Citation Map?

Citation Maps are a feature in SciFinder-n that provide a visual of the literature cited by a document you're viewing as well as the literature citing that document. You can link to the literature by clicking on the map.

How to make a Citation Map

Do a Reference search and select a document from your results list. Click on it to view it's article record. 

At the top of the page there will be a button that says Citation Map.

Click there to generate the map.

Example of a Citation Map

The document you chose from your result list is represented in the middle of the map. The branches to the left are documents it cited and the branches to the right have cited it.

You can hover over the purple or green dots to view the titles of the articles. You can click on them for more information. 

Note that there is a left sidebar you can use to filter through the cited and citing documents.

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