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Locating Who Cited Your Work: Home

Find out who has cited a particular work with this collection of resources.

The Caveats

►You need to assume that each database contains only a portion of the complete citation record for article and authors

►It is often difficult to separate individual authors with common last names

►The arts and humanities are not represented as well as the sciences and social sciences

►It is difficult to compare analysis results across different fields

Citation Analysis - The Basics

Citation analysis is looking at which authors use which articles as references in their own publications.  It uses citation data to see the impact or assumed quality of an author, article, or journal.  There are several different types of citation reports you can generate.  You can see:

Just for fun...

Citation map from

There are several websites that visually map citation information including, Well-Formed, and Web of Science has a "View Citation Map" feature.

Measuring Scholarly Impact

Scholarly impact can refer to several aspects of scholarly communication. Most commonly:

  • Journal Impact is the amount of times articles from a specific journal are cited combined with the number of articles that the journal publishes - this is known as the impact factor.
  • H-index measures scholarly impact at the author level - the amount of articles a scholar published combined with how many times those published articles are cited creates your h-index.
  • Eigenfactor is intended to measure the overall importance of a scientific journal. Similar to the journal impact factor, the Eigenfactor was developed to be a more robust tool, and considers how broad the journal's contribution is.

If you can't get enough of citation analysis...

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