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Hot Topics: COVID-19

Dispelling Myths and Misconceptions

[Header] 6 Myths about the Covid-19 Vaccine

[Content] Myth: Covid-19 Vaccine alters DNA
Fact: mRNA doesn't enter a cell's nucleus and cannot change DNA

Myth: It isn't safe because of quick rollout
Fact: Thorough safety standards and trials were met

Myth: Food allergy immunocompromised, breastfeeding or pregnant people can't get the vaccine
Fact: These people can get the vaccine

Myth: I'll get Covid-19 from vaccine
Fact: The vaccine cannot give you the virus - it protects you

Myth: I've had Covid-19 so I don't need to the vaccine
Fact: Natural immunity length is unknown - vaccine fights reinfection

Myth: No need for mask or social distancing after vaccine
Fact: You must still take precautions to help end the pandemic

Public Health Experts

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