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LGBTQIA2+ Learning & Affirming Challenge

Welcome to Day 4 of the LGBTQIA2+ Learning & Affirming Challenge.
Representation - in every aspect of our lives - matters… We cannot sit still and say that our classrooms are a safe space when we choose not to read a single LGBTQ+ story or hang a Pride flag
Skye Tooley, trans/nonbinary, anti-bias and social justice educator (link opens in new tab)

Earlier this week, we explored together the impact of negative labeling on individuals, and why pronouns play a role in expression. From there, we saw how cis-heteronormativity can be challenged by understanding the layers of intersectionality and their impacts on individuals and communities. Keeping this in mind, we will now discuss how we can make learning spaces more LGBTQIA2+ affirming.

Let's get started. There are many ways that people would like to be seen and heard. 
Watch this video for some insight.

Next, let's listen to what LGBTQIA2+ students want their professors to know about them. NOTE: Several LGBTQIA2+ students in this video use the terminology, “preferred names” and “preferred pronouns,” which speaks to their truths and experiences, and was commonplace terminology at the time this video was created. Using the qualifier, “preferred,” is no longer the norm - for more insight, learn why people no longer say things like ‘preferred gender pronouns.' (link opens in a new tab)

Lastly, watch the video below about ways in which teachers and students aim to create a more inclusive classroom.

Reflect on ways in which our educational settings could be more LGBTQIA2+ affirming. Educational settings are broadly defined, such as the classroom, library, department, student club, on social media, in the home, and beyond. Ways we could be more LGBTQIA2+ affirming is also expansive - these might be actions we take in our educational settings, materials we bring to discussions, how we interact with others, etc. 

NOTE: This challenge originally took place April 4-8, 2022. Commenting is now closed, but please reflect on the question in the board and scroll through participants' responses.

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Additional resources:

Take time for a personal reflection:

  • Were there any emotions that you felt after exploring today's resources and activities (discomfort, joy, happiness, anger, sadness, no emotion)? If so, what were the sources of those feelings?
  • What was an important learning experience for you in today's challenge?

You have completed Day 4 of the LGBTQIA2+ Affirming Challenge. Tomorrow is the grand finale!

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