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LGBTQIA2+ Learning & Affirming Challenge

Welcome to Day 5 of the LGBTQIA2+ Learning & Affirming Challenge.
I've never been interested in being invisible and erased. Laverne Cox, actress and LGBTQIA2+ advocate (link opens in new tab)

Throughout the week, we have seen how cis-heteronormativity impacts us on an individual level, and in our varied educational environments, and why it is important to challenge it. We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution because identity is intersectional, and to make our learning more inclusive, we must see identities from different positionalities. On our final day, let’s see how we can be better allies in the various spaces we inhabit.

First, either read the following article, "It’s not all rainbows and unicorns: Straight teacher allies reflect on privilege" (this link opens in a new tab, and the article is behind a paywall, so it is available to those with an institutional subscription or via your local or university library's Interlibrary Loan service). The article talks about allyship, the importance of straight allies reflecting on their privilege when practicing allyship, and what we can do as allies to support LGBTQIA2+ communities in our learning environments. Or, watch the video below on allyship.

With these insights into allyship in mind, and based on your learning this week, let's create an action plan to continue our work to create LGBTQIA2+ affirming experiences. 

Use this template to design your action plan (link opens in a new tab). A copy is also embedded below. Either print a copy, or download a copy by clicking on "File" (upper left corner), and then "Download." As you think about your priorities, revisit the resources shared each day of this challenge, the ideas and suggestions shared by participants throughout the week, and consider the vision you have for yourself.

Remember that you will make mistakes. "Making mistakes is part of the learning process of practicing allyship.  Acknowledge and apologize for mistakes; learn from them, but do not retreat." See more at UC Davis's Basic tips for expanding your allyship (link opens in a new tab).

Additional resources:

Take time for a personal reflection:

  • Were there any emotions that you felt after exploring today's resources and activities (discomfort, joy, happiness, anger, sadness, no emotion)? If so, what were the sources of those feelings?
  • What was an important learning experience for you in today's challenge?

THANK YOU for participating in the LGBTQIA2+ Learning & Affirming Challenge. We have learned so much from you, and appreciate your ideas and insights for this important, ongoing work. We look forward to continuing this work with you!

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