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A guide to find both music, and information about music

Naxos Music Library

Naxos Music Library is a database of streamed recordings. The content is primarily classical, although some jazz is also included. You can search the database by composer, work and label; keyword search; or an advanced search with up to 10 combined search criteria. Recordings may not be copied or downloaded.

The database includes a Playlist tab, where you can create your own list (on your personal computer) or access playlists that faculty have made for courses. If you want to use the free mobile app, first click on the Playlist tab, then click on Sign-Up to create a playlist account.  Download the app and enter your playlist user name and password.

Use URSUS Catalog to Search for Recordings

You can also search for recordings using the URSUS Catalog.  Use the Advanced search to search by Author (composer or performer name) and by the Material Type "Sound, Music".

Finding Recordings on the Open Internet

You can generally find recordings through a Google or YouTube search. If you are interested in a particular performer, be sure to add their name to your search.  Also, be aware of copyright issues before using any recording found on the open Web.

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