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Research resources for the study of psychology

Some Subtopics of Psychology

Want to browse our psychology materials but finding the number of psychology books daunting?  Here are links to catalogued materials in smaller subareas of psychology that may interest you:

  • Animal Psychology:  Resources about how animals think and behave.
  • Applied Psychology:  Materials discussing the application of psychology in various fields (advertising, counseling, etc.).
  • Behaviorism:  Works involving the behaviorism school of psychology, which posits that primarily observable phenomena should be studied in psychology.
  • Child Psychology:  Materials involving the mental growth and characteristics of children.
  • Clinical Psychology:  Works about the use of psychological theories and practices in a clinical context (for instance, as a practitioner).
  • Cognitive Psychology:  Resources focusing on the school of psychology that focuses on studying mental activity and inner thought.
  • Developmental Psychology:  Works about the ways in which people develop psychologically throughout their lifetimes, from infancy to old age.
  • Educational Psychology:  Resources involving how human learning works.
  • Evolutionary Psychology:  Materials examining how certain human behaviors and forms of cognition may have evolved over time.
  • Feminist Psychology:  Resources about feminist perspectives on and criticisms of certain aspects of psychology.
  • Human Behavior:  Works involving observable human actions and reactions.
  • Logic:  Materials about all forms of logic, including general, deductive, and the combination of inductive and deductive.  (You can find materials involving only inductive logic here.)
  • Memory:  Materials involving human memory and how memory works.
  • Mental Health:  Works involving various aspects of mental well-being.
  • Political Psychology:  Resources about the relationship between political thought and action and human psychology.
  • Social Psychology:  Works involving the relationship between the way people think, feel, or behave and the society around them.

Other Library Resources

  • URSUS:  URSUS is the library catalog for the entire University of Maine System, as well as the Bangor Public Library and the Maine State resources (Maine State Library, Archives, and Law and Legislative Reference Library).  If an URSUS library other than Fogler has material you want, you can log in with your University account and request it to be delivered to Fogler.
  • MaineCat:  Mainecat is a library catalog for libraries across the state of Maine.  If you can't find a book you're looking for on URSUS, you can see if MaineCat has it, and you can request it to be delivered to this library.
  • InterLibrary Loan (ILL):  If URSUS and MaineCat don't have the book you're looking for, you may request it through InterLibrary Loan, and the ILL staff will work to arrange delivery of your book to Fogler.
  • List of Electronic Journals Available at Fogler:  This link will take you to a page where you can either browse the list of electronic journals available at Fogler alphabetically or search for a particular journal in the search box atop the page. 
  • List of Indexes and Databases Available at Fogler:  This is a complete list of indexes and databases available to you through Fogler Library.
  • Maine InfoNet Download Library:  The Download Library provides downloadable e-books and audiobooks to patrons of member libraries, including patrons of Fogler Library.  Most psychology materials here tend to be on the popular side (Malcolm Gladwell, Oliver Sacks).  You will need CloudLibrary downloaded as a program on your computer or an app on your tablet/phone to use this resource.
  • Digital Maine Library (formerly MARVEL):  Provides electronic materials free of charge to all Maine residents.  You will have to log in using your last name and library card barcode.  Psychology materials here tend to be either journal articles or encyclopedia entries.
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