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Hot Topics: Ukraine-Russia Crisis: Home

Russia-Ukraine Expert Twitters

Note:  As Twitter feeds are generally personal feeds, there may be political/opinion tweets as well as news and reporting included in any given feed.  With that caveat, here are some Twitter feeds you may find interesting:

  • Jermaine Terrell Starr, Journalist focused on Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Kevin Rothrock, Editor of Meduza, an investigative reporting website focusing on Russia.
  • Max Seddon, Moscow Bureau Chief for the Financial Times
  • Michael Weiss, Editor of Daily Beast and Columnist for Foreign Policy
  • Paul Goode, Political Scientist focused on Russia and the former Soviet Union, Carleton University
  • Shaun Walker, Central and Eastern European reporter from The Guardian
  • Timothy Snyder, Historian of Eastern Europe, Yale
  • Tricia Starks, Historian of Russia and the Soviet Union, University of Arkansas

Events so Far

Recent Russian and Ukrainian History

Fall of the Soviet Union and the Budapest Memorandum (1991-1994)

Orange Revolution (2004)

Euromaidan and Invasion of Crimea (2013-2014)

More Russia-Ukraine History

Scholars Discussing Ukraine-Russia Crisis

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