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WGS 101 (McDonnell): Introduction to Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Finding Books

Here are some recent titles of possible interest:

Finding Scholarly Articles

There are a number of places to search for scholarly journal articles, and your topic will influence what tool you use.  Here are three library databases that might be helpful.  In each, you have the option to choose Advanced Search, which allows you to combine topics in your search (i.e. maternity NOT United States)

Google Scholar may also be a possibility, but use it very carefully.  We lose the ability to have edited, verified collections with this product.  To get the most full text, go to the Menu bar in the upper left, click on Settings, then click on Library Links. Choose University of Maine - Full Text.

Other Kinds of Information Sources

Below find links to search verified sources for news, statistics, and documentaries.

Citation Formats

You will need to have formal citations for your sources.  The library tools listed here will have ways to grab citations in your format of choice, but they are not always 100% correct.  To double check, or to format sources you find other ways, go to Cite Your Sources to find the correct citation formats.

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