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Open Educational Resources

What are Open Educational Resources (OER)?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are online resources (textbooks, journal articles, etc.) that are freely accessible and openly licensed.  This guide provides information about resources that may be used by faculty members in addition to commercial textbooks.  (For more details about the related Textbook Alternative Program and its history at UMaine, visit this news item.)

By visiting the tabs to the left, you can access:

  • Open Textbook Resources:  Online libraries, databases, and websites that provide access to textbooks that are available for free access, use, and download.
  • Open Multimedia Education Resources:  Online databases and websites that contain multimedia content (interactive materials, quizzes, videos, video lectures) that can be used as course materials.
  • Other Open Online Resources:  Other online texts and multimedia that could be used in course materials.
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