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MGT 220 : The Legal Environment of Business: Research Resources & Strategy

Finding Legal Cases, Legal News and Law Journal Articles

Nexis Uni

  • Finding and tracking the company's legal cases and find statutes related to the legal topic.
  • Finding law review articles discussing the legal issues related to the company
  • Finding news articles about lawsuits or legal issues facing the company


  • Finding law journal articles
  • Finding state & federal Statues
  • Finding Case Law

Government Sources for Legal Information

What is Shepardizing?



Our Patents Guide has a section on Trademarks

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has a detailed list of classifications you can look at to see what has been used before. It might help you brainstorm ideas!



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John Hutchinson

The Industry Profile Database Quartet

Miscellaneous Tips


  • Don't forget to check for Trade Organizations! A Trade Organization is simply a group of companies in the same industry. There are thousands of them; from large ones like the National Association of Realtors, to small niche ones like the Tavern League of Wisconsin. Whatever industry you choose, there likely is a Trade Association for it, 
    Here's a list from Wikipedia to start from.
  • Are you researching a specific company? The first question any librarian will ask you is: is it a Private Company or a Public Company?
    Public companies trade on stock exchanges, and are required by law to make a lot of information available to the public.
    Public companies often have company profiles in the PINS databases mentioned in the box above this one.
    Private companies don't have to release much information, but there might be information about them in newspaper or magazine articles. You can find those in Nexis Uni, Proquest One, and other databases in our system.
  • Also, Subsidiaries of a larger corporation are hard to find, even if it's a public corporation. Public companies aren't required to give specific information about their subsidiaries.
  • But don't give up! You can still find information about Private Companies and Subsidiaries from news sources. You can look in Nexis Uni and Proquest One, for starters.
  • How can you find out if something is public, private, parent or subsidiary? Well, that's one good use for Wikipedia. Wikipedia may not be 100% reliable, but it's very organized. Look up the page on a company, and it should tell you if the company is public, private, subsidiary or some other classification.

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