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Publish and Thrive Challenge

Welcome to Day 5 of the Publish and Thrive Challenge!

This week, we have considered ways to identify publishing venues, where to present our work, what rights we retain and/or give away when we sign publishing agreements, and approaches to increasing the visibility of our work. Now, let's hear from faculty and graduate students at UMaine with a record of publishing, presenting, and reviewing scholarship!

Your Challenge: Watch/Listen to Publishing Strategies from UMaine Faculty and Graduate Students
Note at Least Three Pieces of Advice You'll Carry Forward in Your Publishing Journey Going Forward

This is a recording of a publishing workshop for graduate students that took place in spring 2020. We covered everything from how to handle competing commitments, to ways of staying committed to writing, to strategies for surviving (and responding to) feedback/peer reviews, and how to become a better writer. Participants included (from right to left):

  • Brie Berry, former PhD candidate in Anthropology and Environmental Policy
  • Elisabeth Kilroy, former PhD candidate in Biomedical Science and Engineering
  • Leah Hakkola, Assistant Professor of Higher Education
  • Jacquelyn Gill,  Associate Professor of Paleoecology and Plant Ecology
  • Dylan Dryer,  Associate Professor of Composition Studies in the Department of English
  • Shaleen Jain, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

The video is 2 hours long, so in case it's helpful, and you want to jump to spots of most interest to you, here are some topical time stamps:

  • Initial advice from the panel (begins almost immediately)
  • How to select a place to publish (begins ~18:30 minutes)
  • How to become a better writer/storyteller; includes a brief discussion of this document (begins ~30:00 minutes)
  • Collaborative writing (begins ~37:20 minutes)
  • Working with your advisor (begins ~49:25 minutes)
  • Navigating competing commitments (begins ~1:01 minutes)
  • Responding to feedback/peer reviews (begins ~1:13:30 minutes)
  • How to draw attention to your work and/or increase its visibility (begins ~1:35:50 minutes)
  • Why and how to be a reviewer (teaser: insights into what people are looking for, and an opportunity to improve your own writing by learning the process) (begins ~1:44:30 minutes)
  • How to get started in writing and publishing if you're not in a research-intensive program (begins ~1:48:10 minutes)
  • Final thoughts, including reading and software suggestions (begins ~1:52:30 minutes)

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You've completed the Publish and Thrive Challenge! It's been a delight to spend this week with you. We hope you found these activities useful and thought provoking for your work at the university and beyond. Keep in touch!

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