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Troubleshooting Access to Online Resources: E-Readers

The first line of defense in trouble-shooting access to online resources is to clear your web browser cache, cookies, and history.


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The steps to clear the cache, cookies, and browsing history may differ depending on your e-Reading device. If the following general approach does not work, please refer to manufacturer instructions.



Amazon Silk

  1. Open Silk
  2. To the right of the address bar, tap the Hamburger Menu icon
  3. Tap History
  4. Tap the Trash Icon
  5. Select Browsing history, Cookies and site data, and Cached images and files
  6. Set the Time range drop-down menu to All Time
  7. Tap Clear Data (NOTE: Depending on the last time you cleared your data, this may take a moment)


Nook Ereader





Barnes & Noble Nook 

Please visit the vendor's website for the most current instructions for clearing browser data and cookies from your Nook device.

Still need tech support?

Tech support

To expedite our staff’s ability to help you, please Ask a Librarian and provide the following information:

  • The name of the electronic resource you are attempting to access (database, electronic journal, ebook)
  • The title of the book or article you are attempting to access
  • Your computing or mobile device
  • Your computer operating system (Windows version; Mac OS version)
  • Your browser (e.g., Firefox, Safari, Edge, Chrome)
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