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Self-Archiving in Digital Commons: New SelectedWorks

The purpose of DigitalCommons@UMaine is to provide long-term access to the scholarly and creative output of University of Maine faculty and staff. Consult this suite of tutorial pages to learn how to archive your work.

Discover the New SelectedWorks

Readership Distribution Map

The newly revised SelectedWorks site provides enhanced readership statistics. Explore the reporting tools under your Author Dashboard. For more information, download the full SelectedWorks Guide for Authors.

Create a SelectedWorks Page

Selected Works Logo

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Menu link.
  3. Complete the information form and click Create Account.
  4. A confirmation message will be sent to the E-mail address you provide.  Click the Confirm Account button in the confirmation E-mail and follow the prompts.
  5. Choose a URL for your SelectedWorks site (NOTE: this URL cannot be revised).
  6. Enter University of Maine as your institutional affiliation.
  7. Provide your position, title, and up to three research disciplines.
  8. Proceed to Customizing Your Profile, below.

For more information, download the full SelectedWorks Guide for Authors.

Customize Your SelectedWorks Profile

Emmanuel Boss About page

All biographical sections appear to the user when logged into his or her account. Only the completed sections will display publicly. To be included in the Expert Gallery™ you must provide your position, organization, discipline(s), and research interests.  If you wish to be included in the Expert Gallery™, it is also recommended you provide a current contact email and mailing address.

To personalize your biographical profile:

  1. Click on the About tab
  2. Hover your cursor over the section you wish to edit. 
  3. Editing takes place in real-time in the WYSIWYG interface.

Positions Interface
TIP: Affiliating your SelectedWorks site with the University of Maine will provide your site with the University of Maine branding.

  1. Under Institution, type in "University of Maine" and click the plus sign.
  2. Make certain "Current Position" and "Affiliate my profile with this Institution" are checked.
  3. Enter your college, department, or research unit under Organization.
  4. Complete the remainder of the profile information according to the on screen prompts.

TIP: If you publish under different versions of your name or using multiple email addresses, enter this information in your profile. This information will enable the Import Works tool to seek out and automatically collect your works in Digital Commons.

TIP: When choosing your academic discipline (see illustration below), begin typing in the text box. The SelectedWorks discipline picker will present you with related disciplines available within the pre-set taxonomy. Check the appropriate boxes and click Save.

For more information, download the full SelectedWorks Guide for Authors.

Discipline Picker

Adding & Managing Works

Add a Work

  1. Click on the Works tab.
  2. Click Add Works and follow the onscreen prompts.
  3. Use Manage Categories to change the appearance and order or works.

Upload a File

  1. Choose Upload a File.
  2. Follow the onscreen prompt to select Type of Work.
  3. Complete the Details page.
  4. Click Add to Profile.

Add Metadata

  1. Use Add Metadata to upload details about your work (title, authors, abstract, etc.).
  2. Select a Type of Work.
  3. Complete the Details page.

​Collecting Works

To collect works already cataloged in DigitalCommons@UMaine or any bepress institutional repository, select Import Works. Authors may wish to repeat this process periodically to collect works.

For more information, download the full SelectedWorks Guide for Authors.


Question Mark

Questions? Contact your subject area specialist to learn more about identifying your discipline commons.


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