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Self-Archiving in Digital Commons: Upload Content

The purpose of DigitalCommons@UMaine is to provide long-term access to the scholarly and creative output of University of Maine faculty and staff. Consult this suite of tutorial pages to learn how to archive your work.

In-person Training

In-Person Training is Available.

Fogler Library Technical Services staff is available at your convenience, to provide in-person training and phone support to faculty, staff, and students engaged in self-archiving.  Contact or call 207.581.1692 to schedule a training opportunity. Group and one-on-one training sessions are available.

Original Student Research

Graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to submit approved original research papers, poster presentations, and other scholarly and creative work to DigitalCommons@UMaine. Student work must be accompanied by an authorization form signed by a faculty advisor for each work being submitted to the repository. Learn more about submitting student work

Download an authorization form.
Directions to upload Student Work.

Step-by-Step Metadata Entry

My Account Window

Metadata Entry

  1. From your "My Account" page (illustrated above), select the "Upload" link.
  2. DigitalCommons@UMaine requests standard bibliographic data be entered into the fields provided (required data fields are flagged with red type).
  3. DOCUMENT TYPE: Select the appropriate document type from the drop-down menu.
  4. TITLE: Enter the title of the work
  5. AUTHORS: Enter the author's name.  Click the green plus sign (+) to add extra lines for multiple authors.  To edit an entry, click the pencil icon. To delete an entry, click the red (x) icon.
    • For UMaine authors and current staff members, enter a valid address.  This step allows for delivery of monthly download statistics.
  6. EDITION: For a book or monograph, enter the edition of the work.
  7. EDITOR: Enter the name(s) for up to three editors, as appropriate.
  8. PUBLICATION TITLE: For published articles and book chapters, enter the title of the publication in which the work appears.
  9. PUBLISHER: Enter the publisher name for journals, books, and/or software.
  10. RIGHTS AND ACCESS NOTE: Enter publisher or author copyright statement using the copyright symbol (©) followed by the date of copyright and other pertinent information. 
  11. PUBLICATION DATE: Enter the publication date
  12. PUBLISHER LOCATION: Enter the publisher's location.
  13. RIGHTS STATEMENT: Select the appropriate rights statement to communicate the copyright and reuse status of the digital object you are uploading. For additional explanation, please visit Rights Statements.
  14. LANGUAGE: If the work is not published in English, enter the language of publication.
  15. FIRST PAGE: Enter the first and last page numbers for articles and book chapters.
  16. LAST PAGE: Enter the issue, publication, and volume numbers for journals in which published articles originally appeared.
  17. ISSUE NUMBER: Enter the issue number from the original citation.
  18. PUBLICATION NUMBER: Enter the article number, as appropriate.
  19. VOLUME NUMBER: Enter the volume number from the original citation.
  20. PLACE OF CONFERENCE: For conference proceedings, enter the location the conference was held as well as the sponsor.
  21. CONFERENCE SPONSOR: Enter list of conference sponsors separated by commas.
  22. SOFTWARE VERSION: For software, provide the version number.
  23. EMBARGO PERIOD: Enter the embargo period (if any) for published articles.
    • No embargo period: if the publisher's embargo period has already expired.
    • 6 months, 1 year, 18 months, 2 years, or 3 years, depending on publisher stipulations in the author copyright agreement.  Digital Commons will automatically release the article from the date of upload.
  24. KEYWORDS: Enter appropriate keywords to facilitate discovery and indexing in Google. [Recommended: Enhances discoverability.]
  25. DISCIPLINES: Select appropriate disciplines from the list provided. (Disciplines Taxonomy).
  26. ABSTRACT/SUMMARY: Enter an abstract for the work.  For papers and articles, simply copy and paste the abstract into the field. [Recommended: Enhances discoverability.]
  27. COMMENTS: Enter additional comments, as appropriate, including such things as funding sources, acknowledgements, etc.
  28. REPOSITORY CITATION: Enter a Repository Citation if you wish to override the MLA citation automatically generated by DigitalCommons@UMaine.
  29. CITATION/PUBLISHER ATTRIBUTION: Enter the original publisher citation.
  30. PUBLISHER STATEMENT: Enter a publisher's statement, as appropriate. (Alternative field for publisher copyright statement using the copyright, if not entered in Rights field noted above.)
  31. DOI: Enter a work's DOI, if available.  [Recommended: Enhances discoverability and required by some publishers.]
  32. VERSION: Select the appropriate version of the work: pre-print (aka the author’s accepted manuscript), post-print (aka final draft of author's manuscript post-refereeing), publisher's version, or other.
  33. CREATIVE COMMONS: If appropriate, indicate any Creative Commons License.
  34. PEER REVIEWED: Check peer-reviewed, as appropriate.
  35. UPLOAD FILE: Upload the file.
  36. STREAMING MEDIA: If the work is streaming media, provide a link out to the video.
  37. MEDIA FORMAT: If the work is streaming media, indicate the media format. (YouTube and Vimeo platforms recommended to provide long-term stability for streaming media content.)
  38. PUBLICATION STATUS: If the work was previously published, select the appropriate response.
  39. ADDITIONAL FILES: Attach any additional files associated with the work (such as spreadsheets or photographs). Follow directions provided in pop-up window. 
  40. SUBMIT: Click submit to ingest content and queue for publication. Click cancel to cancel the upload.


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