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MEE 487: Capstone Design I

What to look for

For your Capstone you'll need to consult many different types of sources. You will be consulting peer-review, scholarly research, popular literature, hobby literature and websites. It's important to be aware of what you are looking at when you search. Four important points and the questions you should ask are:


Is there contact information for the author? Is the author the same person as the Webmaster or Web site administrator?


Does the author list their qualifications? Is this an organization website? Are there citations or a bibliography? Is this published by an institution or organization?


Are they trying to sell you something? Who wrote this? Why? How detailed is the information?


How old is it? Has it been updated? Does it have dead links?


Think about the websites you find information at. Read the "about" pages of websites. Who is the intended audience? Look for hobby association websites. Many hobbies, most of things that people do for fun, have a group or association. One example is the AMA (American Model Aeronautics). Many of these groups also have competitions and publicatons. Group/association pages are a good way to find out more. 


Search Tools to Find Peer Reviewed Literature

Finding Full Text

Once you have an article or citation, the tools below can help you get to the full text of an article.


For further assistance, contact patent librarian John Hutchinson 

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